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The BEST 25 Copper Pipe Tips \u0026 Tricks EVER! - GOT2LEARN You might encounter a few hitches, though, such as a damaged copper pipe that is flush against a wall. Even the smallest tubing cutter needs some space on all sides of the pipe, but an ordinary hacksaw can do the job in tight quarters. If you accidentally tilt the hacksaw while you work, you'll end up with an oval-shaped edge instead of a round one, so use a miter box to keep the hacksaw straight. 1. Turn off the water to the house. Run the faucets on the ground floor until no more water comes out. 2. Draw a line on the copper pipe where you intend to cut it. Place a miter box upside down. How to Cut Copper Pipe. Copper pipe has become a popular material in home repair and design. This lightweight material looks great and is easy to cut without cumbersome tools. For pipes under 1 inch ( cm) in size, you can attach an   To cut a copper pipe, start by selecting the correctly sized autocut tool according to the diameter of the pipe, which is usually between 1/2-inch and 1-inch. Then, clamp the autocut tool onto the pipe exactly where you want it cut and make sure it’s tight so it won’t slide off or wiggle. Next, hold the pipe with one hand and use the other hand to turn the tool around the pipe 30 times, or until it’s cut through. For tips from our Handyman reviewer on how to cut a copper pipe with a tubing cutter or hacksaw, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes. In this video I show how to cut copper pipe with the Rothenberger pipe slice which is my preferred way to cut copper pipe. This simple tutorial will.

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